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Animated Superman

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  Superman Animated Series Toys

  • 5" Packaged Action Figures

    • 1995 * Series 1 by Kenner

      • Lex Luthor $8.99 Ad To Cart
        with Kryptonite Armor & Launcher!

        Protecting himself from Superman in a Kryptonite armor suit, evil Lex Luthor wields his massive talon launcher as he tries to overpower the Man of Steel.

Superman Lex Luthor

  • 1995 * Diamond Comics Exclusives by Kenner

    • Superman "X-Ray Vision" $9.99 Ad To Cart
      with Throwing Arm Action! 1999

    • Toyfare Mailaway never availble in any store.

      • Eradicator C9 $7.99 Ad To Cart
        in it's original unopned box!

    • 1996 * Deluxe Carded Action Figures Series 1 by Kenner

      • Superman "Vision Blast" C9 $10 Ad To Cart
        with Light-Up S-Shield, Power Glow Eyes, Power Disc Launcher!

        Villains beware! nothing can stand up to the intense glare of Vision Blast Superman's power glow eyes, with their ability to melt or explode the object of their gaze.

    • 1998 * Deluxe Carded Action Figures Series 2 by Kenner

      • Superman "Ultra Sheild" C9 $10 Ad To Cart

        Superman has developed an ultra blast shield and launching energy restraint that immobilizes villains, before they can say "Superman"!

  • Superman Plush Toys

    • Plush Toys by Fast Forward

      • 9" Superman $7.99 Ad To Cart
        with clip on back to hang!

  • 1997 * Burger King Premiums

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